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The SAI International School is managed by Shree SAI Education Trust, Ranchi. This trust is also engaged in a very noble task of social service. This School is one such gesture for the society which they aim at serving. We assure them that we shall prove worthy of their trust and faith. We shall....

Download Holiday Homework For Session 2016-2017 from UKG to VII

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Principal's Message

The school years are an exciting time for both students and parents. These years are full of growth and new challenges. Our management, teachers and support staff are committed to providing an environment where every student can achieve academic excellence. The education which does not promote knowledge and practice of moral and spiritual truth is incomplete. We expect our parents to stay involved in our school, as the Active parent involvement only increases a child’s opportunity for academic success. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you require any assistance from us.......


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